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~Painting Tips~
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Painting a Breaker...Step One:

The intense whiteness of surf is caused by a dispertion and reformation of wavelengths of color. All of the color waves are refracted and dispersed, then reform into white light.

This is a very basic demonstration. First, I sketched in the composition.

  Step Two:

Next, the underpainting is painted using raw umber and white. The cool colors applied over this warm hue will have a wonderful glow.

  Step Three:

The sky and background water was painted next. I used a wash of ultramarine blue mixed with white. I then mixed a bit of raw umber with the mixture to paint the swells in the sea. I added white to the original mixture to paint the clouds and highlights on the water.

  Step Four:

The foreground breaker was painted using blue, viridian green, emerald green and white. I painted from bottom to top and added viridian to the mix in the transluscent area of the wave. Emerald green was introduced in the most transluscent part of the breaker. I mixed in white for the lightest area.

  Step Five:

In this step, I added raw umber and more white to the original mixture. The surf was painted with this, including the surf lines following the curve of the wave which creates the illusion of movement.

  Final Step:

I made a mixture of white with a touch of blue to paint the lighted areas of the surf.

The colors used for this demo are raw umber, ultramarine blue, viridian green, emerald green and white.


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