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Painting Cap Clouds...Step One:

Cap clouds are actually lenticular clouds which form on a mountain top. Strong ascending air on the windward side and descending air on the lee side produces cap clouds. These clouds are middle altitude.

This demo is as much an instructional for painting a basic mountain as it is for a cap cloud.

Raw umber and white was used to paint this underpainting.

  Step Two:

Ultramarine blue and white was used for the sky.

  Step Three:

The shades of the mountain was painted with a mixture of ultramarine blue and white. The mixture is slightly lighter than the sky color.

  Step Four:

A mixture of white with a touch of dioxazine purple was used for the tints (light area) in the mountain and cloud. The paint was carefully scumbled on.

  Step Five:

The rocks were painted with ultramarine blue mixed with paynes gray. Then highlights were added using dioxazine purple, blue and white. Quite often I will use portrait pink to highlight rock forms on a mountain.

  Final Step:

Finally, the trees were painted with a mixture of ivory black and yellow oxide (yellow ochre).

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