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Reverse intaglio crystal carvings


The crystal carvings that Mr. Adams has created are known as reverse intaglio. It's an unusual artform which requires a bit of dexterity. The technique involves looking through the piece while carving an image into it. (The viewing of these carvings is opposite the carved surface.) The process of carving quartz involves the use of small diamond burs. The crystal is held under a continuous stream of running water while carving it. This extends the life of the burs as well as keeping the crystal clear of grind-off.

These crystal carvings are *reverse intaglio*

Most of the crystals that David Adams has carved contains inclusions, which enhances their uniqueness. Traingular shapes at the bottom of quartz crystals is known as a phantom... a "ghost" of the crystals previous matrix. Many of the pieces depicted on this site are Phantom Crystals.

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The multiple images that you see in these pictures is due to the refractive qualities of
the Quartz Crystal.

  Fairies and Goddesses:

NOTE: This is simply a gallery of David Adams crystal carvings. Nothing is for sale here. However,commissions will be considered. If you like what you see and are interested in purchasing, feel free to E-mail David Adams with your inquiries.

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image:
Dancing fairy
Child fairy
Ascending Fairy
Leaping Fairy
Fairy and Bumble Bee
Wind blown Goddess
Meditating Goddess
Levitating Goddess
Goddess on a bluff with birds
Free Spirit Fairy

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