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Painting fair weather Cumulus Clouds...Step One:

These clouds are puffy, like cotton balls. Cumulus are low to mid altitude clouds which are composed of water droplets. They have distinct outlines and flat bases. They are either grouped together in clusters, or as isolated cells. Fair weather cumulus can develop into towering cumulonimbus clouds if given the right conditions.

A full value underpainting was painted first. Raw umber and white were used.

  Step Two:

The sky was painted using ultramarine blue, brilliant blue and white.

  Step 3:

The shades and tints (light areas) of the clouds were painted in this step. A mixture of ultramarine blue with paynes gray and a bit of dioxazine purple was used for the shaded areas. For the tints, a bit of the previous mixture was mixed with white.

The water was painted with a glaze of ultramarine blue mixed with white. The highlights were painted as broken horizontal lines and stippling using white with a touch of purple.

A glaze was applied across the distant clouds on the horizon. This created an added depth. The colors used were dioxazine purple with a touch of white added.

  Final Step:

The shades and tints of the rocks were painted using the same colors used for the clouds. The foreground sand was painted with a mix of ultramarine blue, paynes gray and a touch of white.

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