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David Adams Statement
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~My thoughts regarding painting~

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The beauty of nature is endless and keeps my mind rich with ideas for paintings. I'm continually experimenting with different ways of creating a picture. The medium I use is acrylics because of its fast drying time. The paintings I create are done on masonite, hardboard and illustration board which are the best supports for my painting style. The master, Leonardo daVinci painted the Mona Lisa on Poplar wood, which was a popular surface to paint on in the early 1500's. He used a glazing technique with oil paints that brought out a wonderful luminosity in his paintings. I attempt to do the same with my paintings.

I use a similar approach to painting by applying layer upon layer of glazes over an underpainting of a neutral color that best suits the foundation for subsequent layers of paint. The result of layering colors in this manner is a composition that glows with luminosity. My technique is far from perfection, but, I will proceed with the passion in my heart and my love for painting.

My preferred method of preparing the supports is a process of surfacing the boards with several layers of gesso using a roller, and then sanding between each coating. By applying gesso in this manner, a pleasing texture is developed which compliments my painting technique and is a joy to paint on.

I enjoy sharing my experience of nature with those of us who admire its intricacies and wonders. I am always in awe of the never-ending natural (sometimes magical) surprises of nature that I see when trekking through the forests. The magnificence that I see when standing on a mountain top is always a memorable experience. To witness the grandiose expanse of natural beauty from one horizon to the other on the top of a mountain is a very humbling experience. Each excursion into the wilds offers wonderful opportunities for me to view, sketch and interpret the emotionally moving aspects of the world around us.

I attempt to portray glimpses of our natural environment in a way that speaks to others graciously. Paintings and photographs of nature directly touches our souls and raises public interest in the subtle and awesome beauty which surrounds us all.

I embrace this land that we call, America. This is the most beautiful and precious place on Earth. I LOVE the American landscape and my intentions are to portray all of it's wonderful facets.

-David Adams

My painting technique is a maximalistic approach with a style that is realistic. I currently feel that interpreting nature in this manner speaks to the viewer directly and clearly. It's not unnecessary detail as some would say. It is "topping on the cake" which adds a depth of beauty, often overlooked by painters of nature. I don't just interpret our natural environment... I bring out its essence with my brush, to be felt and enjoyed by collectors of my paintings.

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