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Demonstration 1

Water Lily Magic...Step 1:

The first step (of course) is to have an idea or concept of what to paint. With a concept in mind, several thumbnail sketches are worked out for the composition. It's important to make sketches before beginning a painting. It's much easier to correct mistakes in the sketch rather than in the painting.

I then looked through my reference photos. (I refer to photos in order to achieve convincing realism in my paintings). At times a detailed preliminary sketch or study painting is created to clarify an idea.

The support I use is Masonite or Illustration Board. It lends well to my painting style. Prior to applying any paint to the surface, I carefully draw the composition onto the support using a hard pencil. The details are kept to a minimum. In this piece, only the outlines of the objects are drawn. For more complex designs, more details are added.


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