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Painting Moss Realistically

  Step One:

Moss is much like carpet in it's appearance. So, when I paint it, think of it as *Mother Natures* carpet on the forested landscapes of this beautiful world.

I first sketched the design and then I painted an underpainting with burnt sienna, paynes grey and white.

  Step Two:

I then used a bit of ultramarine blue mixed with burnt sienna and white for the distant tree trunks. I completed the background with a glazing over the entire area with chromium oxide green mixed with white.

  Step Three:

In this step, I painted the moss in the middle ground using a stippling technique with a tiny brush. I worked from dark to light with paynes grey, chromium oxide green, burnt sienna, yellow oxide (ochre) and white. The exposed area of the rock was painted with a mixture of paynes grey and white. A touch of white was mixed with the green to paint the lightest areas of the moss. The mossy passage in front of the rock was made lighter with the addition of cadmium yellow and yellow oxide mixed with white.

  Final Step:

Finally, the mossy log was painted with the same colors as in the previous steps. After stippling the moss, I added one other color, vivid lime green mixed with yellow and white to illuminate that area. I stippled the cast shadow using only chromium oxide green.

I added interest by including other vegetation.


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