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Painting Fog...Step One:

Fog is actually a low stratus cloud in contact with the ground. It becomes a true stratus cloud as it lifts.

This demonstration shows the effects of fog as it rolls in; diminishing visibility of distant forms and over-power tonal values.

This demo began with an underpainting of raw umber and white.

  Step Two:

I then painted a glaze of paynes gray mixed with white in the background. The distant trees were scumbled in with a mix of paynes gray, raw umber and white. Additional amounts of paynes gray was used in the mixture to paint the other trees.

  Step Three:

Next, the lower half of the composition was worked on. I made a mixture of ivory black with chromium oxide green to paint all of the dark areas.

  Step Four:

The grass and trees were painted with a middle value of chromium oxide green with varying additions of white.

  Final Step:

Finally, I added details and accents. Yellow oxide (yellow ochre) was used to highlight the grass in random spots. Green mixed with yellow oxide was painted in other areas. I then spotted the grass with red flowers and added details on the dark foliage. Lastly, more fog was painted in the background and near distance.

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