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~This is the online world of David Adams~
I'm a visual artist: painter, scrimshander, illustrator, jewelry designer, crystal carver, sculptor, teacher, webmaster and author.

~I thank all of my fans for your wonderful support; Thank You!~

Fairy Art: Painting magical Fairies & Their Worlds

The image on the left is me. The image on the right is my book.

I am the author of:

...::FairyArt: Painting Magical Fairies & Their Worlds::...

My book is cataloged in the Library Of Congress and is available at Amazon.com and other sites and book stores throughout the world. It is the very best instruction book
available for painting fairies realistically with acrylic paints.

It's not only a book about painting fairies; you'll learn how to use the glazing technique to produce beautiful paintings - the same method of painting used by Leonardo daVinci, except, I paint with a more permanent medium - acrylics!

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Paintings - click here to see the paintings from my book.

A look inside my book.

Paintings - click here to see my paintings of fairies.
Paintings - click here to see my paintings of nature.

click here to see my scrimshaw.

Fine Scrimshaw
Some of my finest work

click here to learn to paint.

click here to see my scrimshaw demo.

click here to see my crystal carvings.

Memorize some of these terms.

see my awards.

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my statement
My friends new 2010 calendar
My friends 2010 Calendar - Great photos!
My friends book - Backyard Birds
A wonderful book with beautiful photos!

Newsletter Excerpts
Feel free to e-mail me! I answer all of my e-mail. If you don't hear back from me within 10 days, then write back. Please be patient for my reply - It takes a bit of time to respond to all of the e-mail that I receive.

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