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Excerpts from my newsletter.

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Many subscribers to my newsletter have inquired about back issues - they are not available. However, the following pages contain excerpts from past issues, which I freely offer to you! I will be adding to this section with each passing newsletter.

For those of you who have not subscribed to the *David Adams Online - Newsletter*, excerpts of my painting tips are presented here for you. Each issue basically consists of painting tips; links to sites pertaining to Art and updates on what's new at *David Adams Online*.

Publishing my newsletter is sporadic... it's not sent out on a specific date each month; although...I try. I'm so busy with so many projects! I make time to write when my "work load" eases up. I have much to share with you!

Note:As most of you know, I have been writing an instruction book about painting fairies. It consumed much of my time. I'm happy to tell you that the book is finished and available at Amazon.com and other sites world wide. The book reveals my style of painting...in detail! My approach to painting is the same as the method used by Leonardo daVinci - a process of applying multiple glazes over a full value underpainting. It's an old technique, but, it's the best way to avail luminosity in a painting.

Click on the image below to place your order for my book.

FairyArt: Painting Magical Fairies & Their Worlds.

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I am a self-taught artist - I don't claim to be an authority. I taught myself the art of painting by reading, watching and talking to fellow artists. I often browse galleries and museums as well. I have learned much over the years! I freely pass on this knowledge to you... enjoy!

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(These are excerpts from my newsletters)

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