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Painting a Rainbow...Step One:

On a showery day, one may be blessed with the appearance of a rainbow. It is visible in an area of the sky opposite the light source. This occurs when countless raindrops are struck with light at critical angles to the observer.

A raindrop acts in the same way as a prism; it splits light up into its color waves. For example, as light enters a raindrop, it splits into its colors. It reflects to the opposite side and then emerges from the bottom of the raindrop; showing the observer a wavelength of color. As the raindrops fall, they reflect a wavelength of another color and so on. So, as countless raindrops fall before our eyes, a spectrom of color is revealed. The larger the raindrops are, the brighter the rainbow appears to ones vision.

A scumble of white was painted in an arc for the first step of creating a rainbow. This step is important in order to achieve an iridescent look.

  Step Two:

Next, I glazed in a thin layer of red at the top of the arc. A rainbow always contains the three primary colors; red, yellow, blue and three secondary colors; orange, green, violet. Also, there are other colors in a rainbow that are not visible to the human eye.

  Final Step:

Yellow and blue were added next. I overlapped the yellow over red and blue over yellow. The overlapping optically mixes to produce orange and green. Violet is added next to the blue at the bottom of the arc. A spectrum of six colors make up this rainbow. The colors were applied in very thin glazes.


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