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Sunset...Step One:

The atmosphere of Mother Earth is made up of gaseous molecules which filters white light. When the sun is overhead, the sky appears blue because the light is filtered, allowing the short wavelengths to be visible; blue and violet. As the sun sets, the short wavelengths become scattered. The sky is then slowly illuminated with longer light waves; yellow, orange and red. This occurs because the light waves have to travel a further distance as the sun sets.

Sunsets are very dramatic and appeal to ones emotions. The colors can be quite intense. Sunrises, on the other hand, are less intense due to air particles settling during the night.

To begin this demo, I painted an underpainting with raw sienna and raw umber.

  Step Two:

I then used ultramarine blue to paint the shades throughout the composition.

  Step Three:

In this step I made a mixture of ultramarine blue, winsor violet and a bit of white to paint the top portion of the sky and the surf below.

I then mixed winsor violet with blue and white for a glaze across the middle of the composition. A glaze of cadmium red was used below the last passage. A glaze of cadmium yellow was then applied; crossing over the horizon line.

The landforms were lighted with cadmium red and yellow to reveal its form.

  Step Four:

Next, I painted the sun using white mixed with a touch of yellow. The sea and the clouds around the sun were painted with cadmium yellow.

As I painted further from the sun, I highlighted the clouds mixing cadmium red with yellow, eventually highlighting with only red.

  Final Step:

Finally, using the same colors as in the previous step, the surf and landforms were highlighted.


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