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   Demonstration 3

Painting Translucent Water...Step One:

In this demonstration you will learn how to paint the clarity of water with reflections.

First, I painted the support with an imprematura using raw sienna. I then sketched in a basic composition. I made a mixture of raw siena with paynes gray to brush in the tonal values of the forms. This being established, I'm ready to proceed to the next step.

   Step Two:

Next, I made a mixture of chromium oxide green with a bit of prussian blue. This is then glazed over an area where I've decided to paint the water.

The color of water varies greatly from place to place. Its hue is influenced by micro organisms, mineral content, etc.

   Step Three:

I mixed prussian blue with white for the next mixture. This is the color of the sky. The sky is almost always reflected in depictions of water.

I glazed the water area by applying the paint from top to bottom. This application is then repeated by layering over the top three quarters of the water, then repeated over the top half and repeated again over the top quarter.

The distant background was glazed using the same mixture. The resulting color of the background glaze is warmer because the color beneath it is warm.

   Final Step:

The illusion of water is completed in this step.

I made a mixture of green with paynes gray to paint dark reflections of the trees and rocks. Very thin glazes were used. The shadow areas of the rocks beneath the water were then touched up with the same mixture.

An opaque mixture of raw sienna, white and paynes gray was used to paint the lighted areas of the rocks. I also painted the tops of a few selected rocks in the water; making them appear above the surface, which adds interest.

Note: An alternative method of creating the reflections is to apply a mask (like frisket) in the areas of reflection. This is done in step two. Once dry, the sky color is then applied in thin glazes (or with airbrush applications). The frisket is then rubbed off, revealing the reflections. This method is more logical and may suite you well.

The colors used for this demo are raw sienna, paynes gray, prussian blue, chromium oxide green and white.


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